Fight Shorts

Pitbull MMA shorts – Your fight & training essentials

Do you think it’s only your techniques and the power of your jabs that win the fight? It all starts with what you wear and how comfortable you are to show your talent inside the octagon. Pitbull MMA shorts for men have got you covered from all sides and are ready to become your fight and training essentials – now and forever.

Whether you’re into karate, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or kickboxing, boost your flexibility and mobility with Pitbull MMA fight shorts. All pairs in this collection are made with fighters’ needs in mind to be 100% comfortable, from the waistband to the thigh parts. Get shorts with the winning colors of your choice and enjoy an unlimited range of motion while jumping, doing roundhouse kicks, or grappling on the ground.

Fight shorts that will endure any combat

No matter how fierce it is, Pitbull shorts can survive any fight and training session. Made with polyester and spandex, they are tear-resistant and ideal for long-term use without compromising durability. Brutal grips? Tons of sweat? Ground and pound? Nothing will ruin your MMA fighting shorts.

Pitbull shorts also feature high-strength Velcro fasteners. They are proven to preserve their holding power through MMA fights and training sessions without the risk of unfastening and putting you in an awkward position. No weird straps and non-functional zippers.

Hard-wearing and quick-drying shorts

Working up a sweat in the octagon doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable. Buy MMA shorts at the Official Pitbull Sports Store to practice your martial arts techniques while relying on quick-drying material that doesn’t let sweat stay. Our shorts reduce the risk of skin issues as you train or fight and keep you feeling good about putting in an extra effort.

Besides being quick-drying, Pitbull shorts are easy to care for. They are machine-washable, so you shouldn’t worry about getting your activewear ready for what comes next.

Wear a ruthless look

Pitbull print has many styles for your training or fight. Choose from menacing colors and designs to look unbeatable in front of the toughest opponents. Using sublimation printing, we make our print full-color and lasting, no matter what. You can easily wash it – it’s fine with water and cleaning products.

Create your perfect sporty look with Pitbull MMA shorts for sale by pairing them with our tees or hoodies. We can ship any item within 24 hours!