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Shop for slides and flip-flops to make your way into summer

Pitbull summer footwear collections have something lightweight and stylish for everyone. Feel the warmth of the sand by wearing our flip-flops while strolling along the sun-drenched beach. Check out Pitbull slides in-store deals to get cushioning comfort for your feet as you head to the swimming pool. Buy backless sandals that you can wear daily without foot fatigue and blisters!

EVA comfort for the best slides and flip-flops to buy

Pitbull flip-flops and slides may not be perfect for rocky surfaces and uphills. But even if you dare to wear them on uneven terrains, an EVA sole is a great helper for your feet not to feel tortured. It is used in all our men’s and unisex flip-flops and slides to:

  • Get you through uneven surfaces with as little foot impact and joint pain as possible
  • Cushion your beach strolls, jumps, and walks
  • Make your casual summer footwear perfectly lightweight for all types of outings
  • Give you a pair that you can wear without hurting your toes or slipping hazards

Shopping for slides and flip-flops with EVA soles saves you the risk of clumsy walking and having to get new sandals every week. They are highly durable and retain their structure for a long time to provide foot support and a cushioning effect for your feet.

Styles and sizes

If the style is the first thing you look at as you shop for flip-flops and slides, Pitbull footwear is never disappointing. You can get a pair that highlights black and can be uniformly worn with most shorts and T-shirts for a careless summer look. To add some passion-inducing color to your outfit, you can also buy flip-flops or other sandal types that are a feast for the athlete’s eyes. Pitbull summer footwear with prints includes the most catching and energy-boosting pairs for active people.

Our flip-flops and slides are perfect for all foot sizes up to 46. But it would help if you were careful not to buy a pair you will be uncomfortable wearing. When you start online shopping for slides or flip-flops, steer clear of:

  • Oversized footwear. You don’t want your heels to hang over your summer footwear. Not only is wearing such a pair uncomfortable, but this also increases the risk of cuts and falls. 
  • Undersized footwear. Aching feet, bunions, and blisters are only a few of the many consequences of wearing small and narrow sandals. Make sure your feet are at ease – not crooked and strained – when you put on a Pitbull pair.

Get a caring partner for your feet

There’s no time to lose when hot days have come. Select a well-fitting pair at the Pitbull slides & flip-flops store to get happy with the fit and put it on within as few as 2-4 days. All our sandals are quick-drying, resistant to everyday use, and waiting to make your feet way more comfortable!

Bad fit? You can return your slides or flip-flops within 30 days.