Men’s athletic shorts that are made to move with you

If you seek joy and thrill in movement, that’s exactly what Pitbull keeps innovating for! Have you been looking for the perfect sports shorts for men to hike, bike, run, squat, lift, and stretch the limits with you? Pitbull offers a variety of sweat-tested, workout-approved, 4-way stretch designs that will stay securely in place, no matter what records you are determined to set or break when wearing those.

When choosing from men’s athletic shorts for sale at Pitbull, you only need to decide whether you want:

  • An ideal gym/cycling/running companion (pick from our skin-tight and compression designs for maximum support and freedom of movement)
  • A piece of activewear that is cut looser and can double as an everyday pair of shorts

Though both types of men’s sportswear shorts are made to be stretchy, sweat-wicking, squat-proof, and durable, they have several different advantages. Compression shorts can boost your performance and reduce muscle soreness, but they are not recommended for extended wear. 

On the other hand, Pitbull workout shorts for men featuring cuts and materials that are not tight-fitting are comfortable for the gym, bike, golf course, and other outdoor activities. And they are up for anything else you want to do. So, you can run errands, meet friends, and go anywhere wearing those – without people thinking you just had no time to change.

Buy men’s sports shorts that will go the extra mile

Whether you are into full-body workouts, marathon running, high-intensity training, or exploring trails at a leisurely pace, Pitbull has the perfect pair of shorts you would love to add to your outfit. With smart details that prevent your legs from riding up and your waist from budging or sliding down, Pitbull shorts make any activity a breeze. Besides, they boast strengthened areas to minimize wear, quick-drying antibacterial fabrics, and pockets for your essentials.

If you want to look good when switching between training and other activities, you’ll appreciate the multi-functionality of our go-anywhere pairs, such as our top-selling Performance men’s shorts.

For greater mobility, support, and stability, explore a range of our compression men’s sports shorts online. They are specifically designed for training for big runs, extreme activities, endurance sports, and competitions. They provide the fit adored by pro athletes and gym frequenters aiming for their personal records.

All men’s athletic shorts for sale at Pitbull are great for frequent wear, washing, extensive training sessions, and anything else you throw at them. With our quality pieces, you don’t have to worry about changing clothes often or going through your workout gear faster than you notice any fitness results. So, if you have always wished you had just one perfect pair of sports shorts instead of too many, Pitbull has the answer and the right fit.

And did we mention our shorts make you look tough while stretching and moving with you? That’s a bonus – if not an essential feature. Pitbull shorts are definitely a win for everyone!